Jesse's unstoppable.

We finished the work.

I have a red home.

Julius is skinny.

After winning the lottery she went on a shopping binge.

This watch is of great value.

My daughter lost almost all the coins she had collected.

How many years have you been married?

Ernest came to visit me when I was in jail.

I don't want to sleep.

I must admit that I snore.

Douglas went into the kitchen.

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Just don't tell Spencer.

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I'm ashamed of what I have to say, miss, said Leuwen, but my duty as a gentleman forces me to speak.

What a paella!

I obtained the painting at an auction.

The door was closed.

They have done it.

We're all in this together.

I should not have stayed up late yesterday.


He was as popular with men as he was with women, and he had every accomplishment except that of making money.

He felt hungry for affection.

Wilmer was eliminated in the second round of the contest.


I wish people would stop saying things in ways that crush young dreams.

He is one of my neighbors.

Do you care for pop songs?

They're an even better match than I thought. They're truly meant for each other.

Lucy and I have about the same number of friends.


Dana asked me where Nate lived.


Show me the location of your camp on this map.

They're sympathetic.

I thought you knew me.

Can you miss the present moment?

I don't have money to buy a dictionary.

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Murder is a wicked crime.

What's gotten into him?

When are you going?


I should follow my nose.

Brandi is very undependable.

The teacher tells us to clean our classroom every day.

We're going to take a shower together.

I wish you wouldn't drive so fast. You're making the baby sick!

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No, a dango is not a mochi.

Did you hear that the position for manager is up for grabs?

Not until yesterday did I know of the event.

This smells great! What are you cooking?

Cats can see when it is dark.

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Why do you always talk about Marek?

Dusk fell over the desert.

Val smells weird.

I think we're out of danger.

No blame attaches to his conduct.

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It's really not that heavy.

I wanted you to have it.

I wasn't prepared.

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Shirley isn't going to care.

Those who don't want to see are very blind.

Tell him not to be late for school.


Don't include annotations as part of sentences.

Are they supposed to do that?

Is Randy dating someone?

I'm easily amused.

After their fins have been removed, the sharks are thrown back alive into the ocean.

"Surely," Dima grinned. "You must be joking!"

I really thought Maria was busy.

The party returned safe and sound.

I know you're happy about that.

The police suspected the truck's cargo.

I don't like to brag, but I'm a pretty good clarinetist.

You did not must to take an umbrella with you.

Audrey seems to be a good guitarist.

Why do you do it, Rusty?

Doesn't Pilar take care of all this stuff now?

He's in his element when working on the farm.

All of you must do your own work.

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Jeanette brought me coffee.

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Polly was dead wrong.

Today, I want to run on the beach.

Our relationship is stable.


Honey is produced by bees.

Where's the nearest hospital?

Can I play some music?


She said everything will be over between us.


Why do you have diarrhea?

I had hardly fallen asleep when the telephone rang.

After it rains and the ground is damp, it's easier to pull weeds.

They crossed over the bridge.

What? I can't hear you.

Somebody left his umbrella behind.

She got a part-time job as a typist.


I thought you were supposed to be looking after Shawn.

The experts decided the document was a forgery.

This bus can carry 30 people.

Kristian is going to have to do it by himself.

Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Would you tell the head chef that it was very delicious?

There were a crowd of people in the park.

"Where is my notebook?" "It is on the chair."

I gave him a fake name.

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There is a library in every city in the United States.

He sat at the head of the table.

Learning to read well is of primary importance.

Do you know how to program?

I think you'd agree.


Land came in sight.

Orville used to be important.

I will call on him one of these days.

I canceled my appointment because of urgent business.

What was your mother's name?

What can you tell me about her?

Mara and David are a couple.

Why won't you look at me?

When I saw the picture, I remembered the story.


To try to study when you're sleepy is to waste your time.

John became paralyzed upon seeing that scene.

Though he was poor, he was happy.

Sehyo couldn't bear the pain any more so he shot himself.

My father has decided to quit smoking.

What time does the train arrive?

Don't leave us.

That white building is a morgue.

How and why does the end link up with the beginning?

Have you any idea who he is?

Eriko worked so long and so hard, without stopping to eat, that I feared she would faint.

I think I'm going to stop now.

You must admit that you are in the wrong.

I'm sorry, I don't buzz in people I don't know.

You definitely should not skip this step.

An axe in the house keeps the carpenter away.

Piotr can come, too, if he wants to.

My name's not Tahsin. It's John.

Please tell me your phone number.


How hard he works!


We can lift curses by a photograph.


I can't right now.


The mayor of New York made an effort to streamline municipal government.

Don't mince words. Tell me what you really think.

Actually, the earth is getting warmer.

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I knew you'd be tired.

While all horses are animals, not all animals are horses.

Today, it is clear weather for the vicinity of the airport; temperature is 20 degrees Celcius.

Who's doing the dishes?

I passed the examination with difficulty.

He betook himself to the lion's den.

I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.

I hope that you like it.

Vickie went to the brothel.

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I am satisfied with my job.

Helping Cary was a mistake.

He filled the cup to the brim.

We cannot complete this work in a day.

Page usually goes to the movies on Friday night.

He has always got his head stuck in a book.

We can't have any more.

There's no way I can make it up to you.

Skef wasn't always this way.

Hurry up, or you'll miss the train.

The girls please me.


"Do you want to be a millionaire?" "Who doesn't?"

She had a fit of coughing.

I didn't know what I was doing.

We call on her now and again.

Leigh followed Judith inside.


Real pulled some nails out of the wall.

I can't leave you.

Harv used to drink.

This isn't the first time that Milo has spent a couple of weeks in a hospital.

In this country, most of the inhabitants are Sunni Muslims.

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She explained the reason why she was late.